Regional Procurement

Tailored Tendering Solutions

Regional Procurement specialises in tailoring tendering services to address the needs of individual councils.
We are experienced in facilitating tenders across a wide range of products and services including plant and equipment hire, street scape cleaning, trade services, civil works, commercial cleaning services, provision of professional and trade services, water meter replacement and security services to name just a few.
We work closely with council officers to tailor and facilitate the full tender process in accordance with the Local Government Act 1993, Local Government (General) Regulation 2021, principles of probity and council’s internal procedures as required. Once the process has been successfully completed, we provide council staff with all necessary information to execute contracts with the nominated companies.
For more details and to discuss your council’s specific requirements, please contact our team on 02 4978 4046 or at

For more details on the centralised tenders and contracts
in your Region, please contact your nominated Account Manager
or send an email.

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