Regional Procurement

Probity Audits

Councils must demonstrate contractors have been engaged following a fair, impartial and transparent tendering process that has complied with relevant legislation, tendering guidelines and Council’s request for tender documentation.

Where Council does not have its own independent advisors, Regional Procurement can provide specialised and independent probity advice and/or audit on each Tender process.

  • Probity advice may be provided throughout the entire tender process.
    Our specialist officers can consult with staff, monitor the processes and practices in place and check for potential bias or conflicts of interest. The scope of the Probity Advice can be tailored to suit Council’s specific requirements.
  • A Probity Audit may be beneficial at key stages or at the completion of a full tender process. Our Probity Auditors will: review the procedures, tendering documentation and evidence of tendering practices; objectively review and report on potential probity issues associated with the tender and provide a detailed and independent report on the audit outcomes and potential areas of non-compliance.

A PDF document outlining our probity services can be downloaded here
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