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Changes to the Local Government Regulation - Part 7 Tendering

The Local Government General Regulation Part 7 Tendering was amended in December 2022 to reflect an increased use of electronic tendering.

To view an updated version of the Regulation Part 7 Tendering,  please click here.

Requirements to advertise tenders in newspapers had already been removed from the Regulation on  17 April 2020 as per the Local Government Circular 20-12/ 17 April 2020 / A696830. This change was aimed to alleviate the red tape burden on councils and to reduce their costs.

Councils are now required to publish notices on their websites and in such other manner that they consider necessary to bring it to the notice of the local community or other interested persons.

The current requirements for advertising an open tender are shown below.

167   Open tendering

(1) A council that decides to use the open tendering method for a proposed contract must publish an advertisement inviting tenders for the proposed contract—

(a)  on the website of the council, and

(b)  in any other manner that the council considers necessary to bring it to the attention of persons who may be interested in tendering for the proposed contract.

(2) The advertisement must—

(a)  express the purpose of the proposed contract, and

(b)  give details of where and when tender proposal documents relating to the proposed contract can be obtained and the purchase price of those documents, and

(c)  specify the name of a person to whom requests for information concerning the proposed contract may be addressed and how the person can be contacted, and

(d)  invite any person willing to fulfill the requirements of the proposed contract to submit a tender to the council by the deadline specified in the advertisement, and

(e)  state the way a tender submission must be submitted.

(2A) The deadline must be a specified time on a date that is at least 21 days after the date of publication or first publication of the advertisement.

(3)  The tender proposal documents relating to the proposed contract must comply with clause 170. 


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