Regional Procurement

Electricity: Tenders and Reverse Auctions Solutions

Contestable Sites and Street Lighting
(> 100mwh)

Regional Procurement’s overarching goal is to provide cost effective tendering and other procurement solutions for all client councils.

Our team facilitates centralised tenders for commonly used products and services throughout regions of NSW. Participating councils are offered the same or better outcome as they can achieve individually- but without the investment of time or valuable resources.

Each centralised tender process is facilitated in accordance with the Local Government Act 1993, Local Government (General) Regulation 2005 and principles of probity.

Non-contestable sites (< 100mwh) Small Sites referred to as SME

SME sites are not market tested in the same way as contestable sites because we don’t use the Reverse Auction process for this sized market. We conduct a tender process for SME sites in accordance with the requirements of the Local Government (General) Regulation – Part 7 Tendering requirements.
If you are after further information on either of the above processes please contact us on 4978 4044.

For more details on the centralised tenders and contracts
in your Region, please contact your nominated Account Manager
or send an email.

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