Closed Tenders – Submissions Received

Each Tenderer List shown below includes the names of Tenderers who had responded on the day the Tender closed.

The List may not include the names of any Tenderer who had forwarded a late submission.


Date Closed Tender No. Tender Name
01/07/2020 SPT181920COO Sewer Rising Main Download
30/06/2020 T082021HUN Provision of Traffic Control Download
10/06/2020 SPT172021COO Construction of a Visitor Information Centre Download
09/06/2020 T092021HUN Provision of Tree Maintenance Download
02/06/2020 EOI192021KSC Design of Mid-North Coast High Performance Centre Download
02/06/2020 REGPRO162021 Supply and Delivery of Road Resurfacing Download
15/04/2020 T102021HUN Supply and Delivery of Stationery Download
07/04/2020 T112021OROC Supply and Delivery of Bulk Water Treatment Chemicals Download