Closed Tenders – Submissions Received

Each Tenderer List shown below includes the names of Tenderers who had responded on the day the Tender closed.

The List may not include the names of any Tenderer who had forwarded a late submission.

Date Closed Tender No. Tender Name
19/03/2019 SPT281819NIRC Consultancy for Waste Water Strategy Download
12/03/2019 SPT541920HUN Water and Sewer System Construction Download
26/02/2019 SPT501920NAR Supply and Delivery of Plant Equipment Download
8/02/2019 REGPRO201819 Supply and Delivery of Stationery Download
5/02/2019 REGPRO191819  Supply and Deliver of Water Meters Download
5/02/2019 T181819OROC Supply and Deliver of Traffic and Safety Signage Download
18/12/2018 SPT171819NIRC Airport Pavement Repair and Resurfacing Download
11/12/2018 SPT221819NIRC Airport D&C Project Management Download
20/11/2018 SPT271819NIRC Supply of One (1) Only Car Bale Crusher Download
18/11/2018 SPT291819COO Supply and Install of Splash Pad Download
15/11/2018 SPT251819COO Supply and Delivery of Plant and Equipment Download
15/11/2018 SPT251819NAMOI Provision of Consultancy Services Download
7/11/2018 T031819NAPL Provision of Commercial Cleaning Download
30/10/2018 SPT241819GUN Provision of Blasting and Crushing Services Download
23/10/2018 T211819NAMOI Supply and Delivery of Industrial Hardware Download
16/10/2018 REGPRO061819 Local Government Election Services Download
2/10/2018 T151819MNC Supply and Delivery of Pre Cast Bridge Planks Download
31/08/2018 SPT161819COO Coonamble Caravan Park Upgrade Download
12/08/2018 SPT551718BUCA Provision of Civil Works Download
31/07/2018 T051819NAMOI Supply of Aggregates Download
3/07/2018 T071819OROC Supply of Aggregates  Download
19/06/2018 SPT101819OROC Provision of Rock Crushing  Download
14/06/2018 SPT091819OROC Provision of Trade Services  Download
 1/05/2018 T011819NEC Supply and Delivery of Bulk Fuel  Download
28/04/2018 SPT081819NIRC Tourism and Marketing Representation  Download
 24/04/2018 SPT541718NIRC  3G /4G Mobile Systems  Download
 20/02/2018 T411718RTC Supply and Delivery of Bulk Fuel  Download
 20/02/2018 T421718RTC Supply and Install of Road Safety Barriers Download
 20/02/2018 T431718RTC Provision of Traffic Control  Download
 20/02/2018 T441718RTC Supply and Delivery of Ready Mix Concrete Download
 16/01/2018 REGPRO051718 Supply and Install of Road Safety Barriers Download
 16/01/2018 T521718MNC  Provision of Traffic Control  Download